Import Export Keyword Sets

Import & Export Keyword Sets

We have also built-in import and export features that will allow you to take a backup of your entire configuration as well as import your data into another website using the WP Dynamic Keyword Injector PRO Plugin. 

Export Feature:

This is an amazing feature that saves most of your time. Just select the keywords sets from the list & press the Export button.

export link -wpdkipro

Reduce Your CPC Cost, Increase Your Conversion Rates & Increase Landing Page Quality Score

Import Feature:

Save the keywords file as a backup OR you can use these keywords for another website. Just press the Import button and choose your keyword file.

import keyword set-wpdkipro

You can download a sample CSV to check how you can import your own keywords manually. Before Importing your keywords, make sure your keywords file is in CSV format.

download csv keyword sets-wpdkipro

Please contact us with any questions or doubts you may have before your purchase. We are here and happy to help!