3 Unknown Google Ads Quality Score Tips to Slash Your CPC

by | Dec 11, 2023 | Ads

Are you tired of paying high costs per click (CPC) on your Google Ads campaigns? Do you want to improve your conversion rates and ROI? If so, then you need to pay attention to your quality score. In this blog post, we will discuss three unknown Google Ads quality score tips that can help you slash your CPC.

Segment Ad Groups for Each Keyword

Segmenting your Google Ads by keyword is crucial to improving your ad relevancy and quality score. By creating separate ad groups for each keyword, you can tailor your ad copy and landing pages to match the user’s intent. This will increase your click-through rate (CTR) and quality score, while decreasing your CPC.

A higher Quality Score and a more personalized user experience. Google loves relevance, and when your ad aligns seamlessly with the user’s query, your Quality Score gets a boost, leading to a potential drop in your CPC.

Use Phrase Matching to Identify Hidden Angles from Your Longtail Keywords

Longtail keywords are like the treasure trove of Google Ads – often overlooked but holding immense potential. To uncover the hidden gems within your longtail keywords, employ the power of phrase matching. This involves strategically placing your longtail keywords within quotation marks to trigger more specific and relevant searches

This can help you create highly targeted Google Ads that are more likely to convert, which will improve your Quality Score and reduce your CPC.By doing so, you can identify unique angles and niches within your longtail keywords that might be hidden in broad match searches. This approach not only improves the relevance of your Google Ads but also helps you discover untapped opportunities. The more relevant your Google Ads are to the user’s query, the higher your Quality Score climbs, leading to a potential decrease in your CPC.

Leverage All Data Available

Finally, don’t overlook the power of data. By leveraging all of the data available to you, you can gain insights into your campaigns that you might not have otherwise. For example, Salesforce advertisers have been able to boost the ROI of their campaigns significantly by leveraging all data available to them. By doing the same, you can improve your Quality Score and reduce your CPC.

Utilize the insights from your ad performance, click-through rates, and conversion data to refine your strategy continuously. Identify high-performing keywords, compelling ad copies, and well-converting landing pages. By harnessing the full potential of your data, you can make informed decisions that positively impact your Quality Score.

Improving your Google Ads Quality Score is one of the best ways to reduce your advertising costs on Google. By following these three tips, you can improve your Quality Score and reduce your CPC. Remember to segment your ad groups for each keyword, use phrase matching to identify hidden angles in your long tail keywords, and leverage all data available to you.

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